Pop Culture Clash: 16 Unlikely Fights We Want To See

Wolverine VS Samurai Jack

Fans love a good fantasy battle; trying to figure out which superhero is stronger, which magical weapon is more powerful, who's the better marksman or swordsman, whatever it is, we love to geek out about the all the obscure details that would decide the fight. There's the ever-popular duels of Batman vs. Captain America or Namor Vs. Aquaman, but what's beyond these classic clashes?

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Most "who would win?" arguments are between Marvel Vs. DC, but what about other publishers? Or even mediums? Besides comics, there are also cartoons, anime, films, television; a lot of cool battles to choose from. CBR wants to take a look at some of the least likely crossover battles out there. There are only three rules: the opponents have to have similar powers and/or abilities, they have to be from separate mediums (no comic vs. comic, etc.), and the winners are decided by you, the readers.

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Atom Eve VS Edward Elric
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Atom Eve VS Edward Elric

It's a duel between two transmutation masters! In one corner, it's Atom Eve, from the pages of "Invincible," and in the other, it's the Fullmetal Alchemist himself, Edward Elric. Atom Eve was a genetic experiment, modified to have innate knowledge of chemistry and the ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level. Ed is a protege alchemist, learning from a young age and gaining the rare ability to transmute without a transmutation circle. Ed learned this skill after a tragic accident resulting from trying to use alchemy to bring his mother back to life that destroyed his and his brother's bodies.

Hard to tell who would win, as they both have their strengths. Atom Eve's powers are more "psychic" in nature. She requires no set up for a transmutation and can do it from a distance while using any material, while  Edward is limited to something he's in physical contact with and must clap his hands before every transmutation. But where Ed lacks in power compared to Eve, he makes makes up for in martial arts skill, an automail (cybernetic) arm, quicker reflexes and battle strategy. Then again, Atom Eve's chemistry knowledge is innate, while Ed had to learn alchemy from studying.


Iron Man VS Mega Man

One built himself a suit of mechanical armor, the other was built by Dr. Light. That's right, it's the invincible Iron Man vs. the blue bomber, Mega Man. Tony Stark is a brilliant inventor/billionaire who created a suit of armor to escape his kidnapping and then went on to help the world as the superhero known as Iron Man. Rock was built as a surrogate son by the also-brilliant Dr. Light, but volunteered to defend humanity from the evil Dr. Wily as Mega Man.

Both opponents have a large arsenal of weapons and plenty of battle experience to go with them. Tony Stark's suit enhances his strength, allows him to fly, and is full of weapons ranging from energy blasts to tank-destroying missiles. Mega Man is just as strong and has his trusty mega-buster and the Weapon Copy System, which allows him to copy the ability of any robot he encounters. Iron Man's suit obviously has more bells and whistles, but Mega Man has an unlimited number of weapons he can equip and could even steal a couple from Stark, shifting the tide of the battle.


Flash VS Sonic The Hedgehog

We've all debated over which pop-culture speeder is faster than the other. The Flash always comes out on top in most comic book duels, so maybe the only one who can beat the fastest man alive is the fastest animal alive, Sonic The Hedgehog (cue the Saturday Morning "Sonic" theme song). It's a race between the Scarlet Speedster and The Blue Blur; who's got the faster feet?

The Flash has access to the Speed Force, literally the source of all speed, but Sonic has quite a bit up his sleeve. While Barry has broken several speed barriers and can travel through time and dimensions, he really only has his speed. Sonic on the other hand, has enhanced strength, durability, a spin dash and homing attack. The Flash is faster, but Sonic is more creative with his speed, so who would come out on top? It would be a hell of a race, no matter the outcome.


Wolverine VS Samurai Jack

Two timeless ronin with seven blades between them and only one leaving alive: Wolverine, adamantium-clawed X-Man, and Samurai Jack, the time-stranded defender of righteousness. With "Samurai Jack" returning for a fifth season, we've learned that much like Wolverine, Jack has ceased aging, so these two warriors couldn't be more alike. Wolverine has fought in several wars, Jack has trained with many masters, and both are ronin: wandering, masterless samurai.

Wolverine might appear to have the advantage with his adamantium claws (an arguably indestructible metal) and his mutant healing factor, but there's a lot more to Jack than meets the eye. Jack has mastered several weapons, martial arts forms and wields his father's magic Katana. The strength of the sword's magic is not completely known, but it was forged by cosmic deities and has survived through all of Jack's trials. Who knows? Maybe Jack's sword is enough to break Wolverine's adamantium skeleton, or maybe Wolverine could slice right through the katana.


Hellboy VS Rin Okumura

It's demon-hunting demon vs. demon-hunting demon; Hellboy, son of a witch and a demon, and destined bringer of the apocalypse, againt Rin Okumura, son of satan and newest recruit into the True Cross Order. It's hard to find two characters so similar: both were raised by religious fathers, both fight for good under the leadership of a bigger organization and both want to fight against their hellish destinies. So which of them is the stronger demon?

Hellboy is strong and durable, and seems to heal from just about any injury, plus he's got decades of dealing with the supernatural during his years with the B.P.R.D., immunity to fire and lightning, and has his hard-hitting right hand of doom. Rin is immune to most demon-based attacks and infection, shares Hellboy's strength, durability and immunity to fire, and can even produce his own flames; the blue flames of Satan. Hellboy uses his revolver and several medieval weapons during his battles, while Rin relies on Kurikara, his demon-hunting katana which also serves to contain his power outside of battle. So who beats who? The B.P.R.D.'s big red, or Japan's son of Satan?


Invincible VS Goku

The internet has been arguing about Superman vs. Goku for so long that Screw Attack's "Death Battle" had to settle it not once, but twice in their popular versus series. Both times, Superman was the winner, not only because he is actually stronger, faster, and more durable, but also because Superman is solar powered, thus his power is as infinite as the sun. So let's bring the stakes down just a bit and pit Goku against someone a little more on his level: Mark Grayson, a.k.a. Invincible.

The two heroes are pretty similar: they both come from a species of planet conquerers and both defied — or in Goku's case, forgot — their invading heritage and decided to fight for good instead. Further, they both have super strength, super speed, flight, are basically indestructible by human standards, and they both get stronger with training and near-death experiences, of which they've each gone through many. Invincible might be stronger in those categories, but Goku has plenty of martial arts, energy (ki) attacks and several transformations that multiplies his overall power (including one that gives him the power of a god) to unimaginable levels.


Matt Murdock VS Phoenix Wright

Let's move away from duels of strength for a minute and take a step onto the courtroom battlefield for an unconventional battle of legal wits. Serving as the prosecutor, we've got Matt Murdock, lawyer by day and Daredevil by night. As defense attorney, there's Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney with a near-perfect record. The case: a man associated with gang activity found at the scene of a murder with his fingerprints on the murder weapon.

Now this is a tough one to decide, the two lawyers are pretty evenly matched in the courtroom: Phoenix has his magatama, a spiritually infused amulet that allows him to see the doubt, lies, and hesitation hidden within peoples hearts and minds, helping him to find the truth. Matt has something just as powerful: his superhuman senses, which when used to monitor witnesses' vitals and mannerisms, turn him into a human lie detector. Phoenix has only ever lost one case, which cost him his attorney's badge, but Matt Murdock has a lot more experience under his belt. Would Murdock put away the criminal for life or can Phoenix rise from the ashes to bring a turnabout and prove his innocence?


Han Solo VS Spike Spiegel

They're both cool-headed, smart-assed, and just a bit cocky. They're pop culture's two most famous space-cowboys,  Han Solo and Spike Spiegel. This one is a particularly fun fight to imagine because their characters create a great set-up, Han's got a price on his head, and Spike is a bounty hunter. Question is, who would win in an old-fashioned cowboy duel at dawn?

Both Han and Spike are skilled marksmen, but Han's DL-44 blaster most likely out-classes Spike's comparatively low-tech Jericho 941. However, Spike is a master Jeet Kune Do and is much better at close-quarter combat than Han, who is a street fighter at best. Both are also ace pilots. Han pilots the Millennium Falcon, which is capable of faster-than-light travel and comes fully armed, and Spike flies the Swordfish II,  a small but agile ship with a plasma cannon. Furthermore, consider their line of work: Han is a smuggler, he's usually on the defensive, running from the law, while Spike is a bounty hunter, almost always on the offensive, ready to take down his target. Can Spike make off with Han's bounty or does the smuggler live to see another day?


Speed Racer VS Ghost Rider

Next up is another race, but this one isn't on foot, it's a test of wheels and turbines between Speed Racer and Ghost Rider. Stuntman Johnny blaze turns into the Ghost Rider whenever innocent blood is spilled. Speed Racer is a kid who loves racing and is damn good at it. Does demonic horsepower outclass the futuristic engine of the Mach 5?

The Mach 5 has had many iterations over the course of several anime series, an american adaptation, and a live-action feature film, but they are all depicted as a state-of-the-art racecar fit with a highly advanced engine and special safety features including jumper jacks, a bulletproof deflector and buzzsaws. The Hell Cycle, on the other hand, may be smaller than a full-fledged car, but is not bound to earthly laws of physics and is powered by the fires of hell. Speed is an expert racer — it's literally his name — but Johnny Blaze is a demonic stunt rider, so he knows how to take a hit and recover. Supernatural powers might be enough to out-race the Mach 5, but Speed is pretty creative on the tracks. This race would definitely require a photo finish.


Cyborg VS 009

Yes, those names are a bit confusing, but don't worry, they're actually two separate characters. Victor Stone, also known as Cyborg, was once a football player that suffered a tragic accident, leaving much of his body destroyed. Victor's father saved his life by fitting him with advanced cybernetics, enhancing his strength, speed, durability, and intelligence. Joe Shimamura went through a similar, but much more tragic experience when he was framed for the death of his surrogate father, hunted to near-death and had his mangled body re-built into Cyborg 009, a living weapon designed by the Black Ghost organization. Both characters eventually find a family in the Justice League and the 00 Cyborgs respectively, but which of these cybernetically  enhanced heroes outclasses the other, the Justice Leaguer or the living weapon?

Cyborg is strong, durable, can heal himself, adapt his cybernetics into different weapons, and has a computer-enhanced brain. Joe has all of the abilities of the 00 cyborgs before him including super strength and nigh invulnerability. He also has the acceleration module, which allows him to move so fast that the world around him seems to stand still. Which among them is the more worthy cyborg?


Ash VS Daryl

This match involves two simple guys with simple weapons and a lot of experience fighting the undead: Ashley J. Williams, star of Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" films, and Daryl Dixon, everyone's favorite redneck from "The Walking Dead." A match between these two would probably come down to a competition to see who could kill more undead monsters in a horde full of Walkers and Deadites.

Ash is armed with his boomstick (a shotgun), his chainsaw hand, and a ton of Deadite-killing experience. What Ash lacks in actual skill, he makes up for in confidence, fortitude, and a lot of dumb luck. Daryl prefers his signature crossbow and has a lot of experience hunting and killing both wildlife and Walkers. Daryl also has a good amount of fortitude and a hell of a lot of grit, which helps him keep his cool in even the most dire of situations. Deadites definitely take a lot more to kill than Walkers, but Daryl has probably killed more Walkers than Ash has killed Deadites, so it's hard to tell who would have the higher bodycount in this competition between undead hunters.


Ghostbusters VS Danny Phantom

One's a group of scientists who ain't afraid of no ghosts, while the other's a teenaged superhero who's half-ghost. This match is between The Ghostbusters, New York's go-to ghost hunters and Danny Phantom, teenaged specter-fighting superhero with all the abilities of a ghost.

Both Danny and the Ghostbusters use similar equipment to trap ghosts and have lots of experience dealing with the otherworldly apparitions. It's because of their similarities that deciding on a winner of this match is so tough. The Ghostbusters have the equipment and numbers to easily take out one measly ghost, but those are usually mindless souls wandering about. Danny is a fully-aware human with ghostly abilities — flight, intangibility, invincibility and an ecto-powered ghost-ray — and could anticipate the Ghostbusters' tricks and traps, both because he's not mindless, and because he himself is a ghost-hunter. Would Danny escape or would he be trapped forever in the Ghostbusters' Ecto Containment System?


Ninja Turtles VS Power Rangers

Karate teens with attitude dominated kids' television in the '90s, and perhaps the greatest among them were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. The turtles were raised by their sensei/surrogate father, Master Splinter, who trained them in the ninja arts, giving each of them a different weapon to master. The Rangers were chosen by Zordon to wield the power coins and fight the evil witch, Rita Repulsa.

Since the Rangers' Megazord is kind of an unfair advantage, giant robots are banned from this battle; hand to hand and weapons of choice only. The Power Rangers have the Ninja Turtles outnumbered six to four, but the turtles have been studying marital arts their whole lives. Then again, the sewer dwellers have pretty simplistic weapons compared to the Rangers' blade blasters and power weapons. The two teams seem evenly matched in both skill and attitude, so which do you think would win in a fight?


Shazam VS Ben10

These two are kids with the power to turn into superheroes, which is the ultimate childhood fantasy. Billy Batson was gifted by a great wizard with the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achiles and the speed of Mercury, and when he says the magic word that's the same as his superhero alter-ego (which are the initials of each the previously mentioned legends), he transforms into Shazam, the magical champion on par with Superman himself. Based on a similar concept, "Ben 10" is a Man of Action creation about 10-year-old Ben Tennyson who gets an alien watch (the Omnitrix) that allows him to turn into 10 alien heroes, each with different superpowers.

Both have a large arsenal of superpowers, but where Ben has to switch between aliens — which isn't always possible with the unreliability of the Omnitrix— Shazam has all of his powers at once. Then again, some of Ben's aliens may very well be faster, smarter, or stronger than Shazam, and Ben is no stranger to quick thinking in the heat of battle. These two seem evenly matched on a lot of levels, so which transforming kid do you think is the ultimate champion?


Voltron VS Gypsy Danger

In one corner, standing at 60 meters and made of five robotic lions, it's the legendary defender itself, Voltron! And in the other corner, towering over most at 80 meters, it's the Kaiju-killing nuclear-powered Jaeger, Gypsy Danger! Voltron has been around since '84 and has earned its place as one of pop culture's greatest giant robots of all time. But is the lion-themed bot any match for the star Jaeger of Guillermo Del Toro's love letter to mecha anime? Let's find out.

Voltron may be smaller than Gypsy Danger, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in versatility, flight capability, a large range of weapons and the ability to disperse into the five lions that it's made up of. Gypsy Danger is bigger, but is anchored to the ground and really only has two types of weapons: swords and plasma cannons in each arm. However, where Voltron requires a team of five to make a decision in battle, Gypsy Danger only relies on two pilots, ones who are telepathically linked at that. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but which is the mightier mech?


Storm VS Korra

Hard to find two ladies as powerful, elegant, and awesome as X-Men's Storm and Avatar Korra. Both are modern feminist icons and have a huge fan following. Further, they have pretty similar powers: Korra controls the four elements, while Storm controls the weather. There's some crossover in their abilities, wind, lightning, rain, etc. so a duel between these two would be a battle of epic proportions.

Korra has mastered all four elements, and has even taken two of them farther than most. Not only does Korra known waterbending healing techniques, she is also the first avatar to learn metalbending, a rare trait even among earthbenders. While Korra is powerful, she is very headstrong and can usually only control one element at once, unless she accesses her trump card, the Avatar State. Storm, on the other hand, has control of all weather patterns at any time, able to make tornadoes and thunderstorms in the blink of an eye. On top of that, Storm can fly and has had much more time to master her abilities than the young Avatar. Which of these powerful ladies could outlast the other in an all-out elemental brawl?

Which unlikely throwdowns do you want to see most? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

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