Comic Book Six Degrees: Batman to Bartman

I name two comic book characters. You then have to connect the two using only shared appearances in comic books (official appearances in comics only - no cameos like Terry Austin sneaking Popeye into the background of a panel and no outside comic book appearances, like cartoons and the like). You have to do so using less than six comics total. Covers and pin-ups do not count - only actual appearances in the same comic book story (so it doesn't count if they each appeared in separate stories inside the same anthology). Mythological characters, public domain characters (other than public domain comic book characters, they're free game) and real people (by the way, unless a fake name is used for a real person, like Ronald Raygun or whatever, you can use the person even if they are not officially named in the comic) are unique to their own comic book appearances (so DC's Thor is different than Marvel's Thor, DC's Ronald Reagan is different from Marvel's Ronald Reagan, etc.). But a licensed character is the same in all of their various comic book companies (so the Marvel Red Sonja is the same as the Dynamite Red Sonja) and approved appearances by a real person can go across comic book companies, as well (so, for instance, you can use Marv Wolfman from his Teen Titans appearance to connect with Marv Wolfman in his Fantastic Four appearance - you just can't use modern appearances by Jack Kirby from one company to connect to Jack Kirby appearances from Marvel Comics, since obviously Kirby can no longer give approval for his appearance). Approval tends to be the key.

Last time was Carrie Stetko to Ms. Michael Tree. Frank W. was one of five people who got it in three moves. Here is how Frank connected the two...

Carrie Stetko was in Oni Press Color Special 2001 #1 with Madman

Madman was in War of the Independents #1 with E-Man

E-Man was in The PIs #1 with Ms. Tree

Frank's challenge is...

Batman to Bartman

This is the last installment of Comic Book Six Degrees that we'll be having for the foreseeable future, so feel free to just give your answers in the comments section, since there won't be a "winner" this time around. I think we just sort of ran out of novel connections, as so many of them turn on the same couple of books (War of the Independents #1, for example), so it sort of became "Who in War of Independents #1 can we use this week?" Which is fine, but I figure three years is long enough for this game. So it is time for us to try something new.

So feel free to make a suggestion for a NEW type of game that we can play every week. I'll probably just do some Test Your Comic Knowledge quizzes for the next couple of weeks as placeholders while I figure out the new game, so if no one else comes up with something, I'm sure I'll figure something out, but at the same time, I'm certainly open to ideas!

Thanks to all of you for supporting Comic Book Six Degrees over the last few years!

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