10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

When Disney announced that they were launching their Disney+ streaming service in late 2019, the repercussions were felt immediately. The move meant that movies from the Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel Cinematic Universe would become exclusive to Disney+ and would leave the Netflix streaming service. This caused Netflix to react quickly.

In a move that can't be coincidental, Netflix canceled Luke Cage and Iron Fist and then canceled their most successful Marvel original series Daredevil. When Jessica Jones airs its third season, it will likely be the end for Marvel and Netflix. However, it seems that Netflix was ready for this and has a number of comic book properties lining up to replace Marvel on their streaming service.

Here are 10 comic book shows that have the opportunity to replace Marvel on Netflix.


10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

The next non-Marvel Comics comic book series coming to Netflix actually hits screens in February 2019 before the final season of Jessica Jones even airs. That is Dark Horse Comics' Umbrella Academy. There have been three volumes of the comic book series released, so there is plenty of material for this to stretch out over more than one season for Netflix.

Umbrella Academy takes place in an alternate world where John F. Kennedy never died and follows a group of superpowered children who were trained to become heroes but then split up. They reunite nine years later when their mentor dies and team up to battle a new threat. Ellen Page and Tom Hooper lead the cast.

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10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

The biggest news for Netflix concerning comic book properties hit in 2017 when the streaming giant purchased Mark Millar's comic book company Millarworld. This is an interesting deal because Netflix is producing Millar's new comic books but, as a streaming service, the bottom line is bringing new properties to their service.

Netflix and Millar agreed on a number of projects including movies and streaming series. One of these comic book shows will be American Jesus. The series follows a 12-year-old boy who learns that he is Jesus Christ reincarnated. Everardo Gout (Luke Cage) and Leopoldo Gout (Molly's Game) will serve as showrunners for this multilingual series (Spanish/English).


10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

A second Mark Millar property that is coming to Netflix as an original series based on his comic book Jupiter's Legacy. The show will take place over decades, starting out in the '30s when the first generation of superheroes receive their powers.

However, the interesting part takes place in the modern era where their children are struggling to live up to the legacy left behind by their parents, now considered the elder guard of heroes. The best news is that Steven S. DeKnight (Daredevil) will serve as the showrunner for the series after signing a new deal to remain with Netflix.

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10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

One of the most exciting comic book series coming to Netflix has been in developmental hell for way too long. Joe Hill (the son of Stephen King) wrote the amazing Locke & Key comic book series with Gabriel Rodriguez providing some amazing art in the story of the three Locke children who find mysterious keys in an old house, unleashing a demon.

A film trilogy was coming from Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci but that was shelved. Then, Fox planned to air it and a pilot episode was directed by Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go). Fox passed on it and Hulu came in with names like Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange) and then Andy Muschietti (It) signing on. Hulu passed. Finally, Netflix has ordered Locke & Key and there is hope that it finally makes it this time.


10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

When it comes to comic book shows that can replace Marvel on Netflix, look no further than the manga genre. Warrior Nun Areala is an American manga-styled comic book that originally came out in 1994 about a nun who is part of a military order of warrior nuns and magic priests who work for the Catholic Church.

While this sounds completely insane, it actually takes the idea of Christianity seriously and uses it as part of the plot. Netflix has ordered the manga as a 10-episode series and will center it on a 19-year-old who learns that she is part of a legacy that battles demons on Earth. Simon Barry (Continuum) will be the showrunner.

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10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

October Faction was an IDW comic book series by Steve Niles and Damien Worm that tells the story of a monster hunter family led by their father Frederick Allan. While he is ready to put his career as a monster hunter behind him, his kids are ready to take over and the family is more than a little eccentric.

Netflix has ordered a 10-episode season that follows Fred and Deloris Allen as they return to New York with their teenage kids after Fred's father dies. They soon realize that things in town are not quite as normal as they seem. Damian Kindler (Sleepy Hollow) will serve as the showrunner.

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10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

While it hasn't been named for Netflix, and there has been some work to try to make it a movie, Nemesis is still floating around out there. At one time Tony Scott wanted to direct the movie before he passed away, and then later, Joe Carnahan came onboard to direct it, which would have been a perfect choice.

With that said, there has still been nothing done to bring the story to life. With Mark Millar singing the deal with Netflix, expect him to pitch that to them when and if the option expires. Nemesis is almost an anti-Batman; a bored, rich supervillain who sets out for revenge against the police who imprisoned his parents.


10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

A very different comic book show that Netflix is bringing in to replace the departing Marvel is called Raising Dion. This one wasn't originally based on a comic book, though, but was instead adapted for a full season based on a short film by Dennis Liu.

The series focuses on a mother (Shadowhunter's Alisha Wainwright) caring for her young son, a boy with constantly changing superhuman abilities. After her husband (played by Black Panther's Michael B. Jordan) dies, she has to protect her son by keeping his secret from those individuals who would exploit him. The first season of Raising Dion will include nine episodes.

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10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

When Mark Millar signed with Netflix, the first questions asked involved his two most popular movie properties: Kick-Ass and Kingsman. Both are highly rumored but with Kick-Ass getting a possible reboot, and Kingsman with one more movie lined up, the question is what is coming next?

The news that broke in 2018 about Kingsman indicated that the third movie would focus on the Statesman, but Matthew Vaughn also said that there would be an eight-hour television series that takes place in the Kingsman universe. If that happens, and following Millar's marriage to Netflix, expect that to be the most obvious place it could end up.


10 Comic Book Shows That Can Replace Marvel On Netflix

It seems like when it comes to the comic book shows that can replace Marvel on Netflix, it is all Millarworld all the time. The final one on this list is Prodigy, which isn't an upcoming television series yet. Instead, Prodigy is the newest comic book created by Mark Millar for Netflix.

With that said, Netflix is a television streaming service and they know that the money is not in the print comics but in what they can do with them after the fact. If Netflix is having Millar write comics for them, expect those books to become shows on the streaming giant. Prodigy is about the world's smartest man and his job at helping governments around the world to solve major problems.

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