Comic Book Questions Answered - Who Has Stopped the Unstoppable Juggernaut?

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Readers Jody D. and Tim B. separately asked me this question in the last couple of weeks, so I guess it is something that is on the mind of the people. So let's find out who has actually stopped the "unstoppable" Juggernaut over the years!

Okay, first off, I'm omitting examples of the Juggernaut losing due to mental attacks once his helmet is taken off, like from his first battle with the X-Men in X-Men #13 (by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Werner Roth and Joe Sinnott)...

And I'm omitting examples of when the Juggernaut was specifically powered down (which has happened many times over the years, particularly when writers write him as a hero - heroes tend to be powered down because as villains, they need to take on multiple heroes, while as heroes, they tend to work with OTHER heroes, so they need to be a bit weaker).

We're just talking characters who have stopped Juggernaut when the Juggernaut was at normal strength and without using the cop out of telepathy.

Another common way of defeating the Juggernaut is teleporting him away, like in X-Men #33 (by Roy Thomas, Werner Roth and John Tartaglione).

I guess that probably doesn't count as "stopping" the Juggernaut, either. That's how Doctor Strange dealt with him when he fought the Juggernaut early on.

The Hulk fought the Juggernaut in Incredible Hulk #172, but before things could be decided one way or the other (the Hulk did succeed in taking the Juggernaut's helmet off), the X-Men abruptly show up and defeat Juggernaut themselves, but Professor X's mental powers have already proven to be successful against the Juggernaut with his helmet off, so that doesn't really count for anything.

In X-Men #103 (by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and Sam Grainger), the Juggernaut is simply taken off the board by him diving into the ocean to save his buddy, Black Tom...

Spider-Woman #38 (by Claremont, Steve Leialoha and Bob Wiacek) is an interesting tale, because it sure does seem like this motley crew of Spider-Woman, Colossus, Angel and Storm DO sort of stop the Juggernaut, don't they?

I mean, they captured his friend Black Tom right by him and he didn't do anything to stop them, so does that suggest that exploding that ship around him DID temporarily stop him? I sort of doubt it, but at the same time, that is precisely what it looks like, right?

In Amazing Spider-Man #230 (by Roger Stern, John Romita Jr. and Jim Mooney), the Juggernaut was famously stopped by some wet cement...

I dunno if that counts as a clean "stop."

Uncanny X-Men #194, then, by Chris Claremont, John Romita Jr., Dan Green and Steve Leialoha seems like the first official "stop" of the Juggernaut, when Nimrod (who Claremont was trying to establish as a major threat) took the Juggernaut down pretty easily...

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