Comic Book Questions Answered: Who Flew on an Arrow First, Ant-Man or Atom?

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With Ant-Man prominently riding on Hawkeye's arrow in trailers for Marvel's upcoming Civil War film, reader Gareth A. wanted to know who did that trick first - Ant-Man riding on a Hawkeye arrow or Atom riding on a Green Arrow arrow?

Read on to find out!

Perhaps the most famous instance of this trick being used was in Avengers #223 (by David Michelinie, Greg LaRocque and Brett Breeding), which had the following iconic Ed Hannigan/Klaus Janson cover (with the brilliant design by Hannigan and the inks by Janson that make it almost look like Frank Miller art)...

Here is the scene in the comic...

The film is homaging this famous sequence...

During the classic "Rock of Ages" storyline by Grant Morrison, Howard Porter and John Dell, Aquaman and Green Lantern are sent into the future, where they team-up with the Justice League of the future (including an old Conner Hawke and Ray Palmer the Atom), who are taking on Darkseid in a last ditch attack. Batman gets Aquaman and Green Lantern home, but then we get to see what happens with the Leaguers, who are getting torn apart by Darkseid and his forces until....

So those are two pretty darn famous scenes, right?

But who did it FIRST?

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