Comic Book Questions Answered - Who Designed the Famous Avengers "A"?

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Today we discover who designed the famous Avengers "A."


Movie-goers discovered a cool logo that comic fans have been familiar with for years, the famed "Big A" Avengers logo...

Reader Robert wrote in to ask who designed it.

The logo debuted in 1972's Avengers #96...

It is so famous that, while different logos have come and go over the years (including a particularly bad one around the time of the first Secret Wars and another rough one after Steve Epting left the title), forty years later it remains the logo of the Avengers...

But WHO designed the logo?

To get the answer, I went to the logo expert, the legendary letterer and logo designer, Todd Klein, whose Logo Studies series on his blog is one of the most informative piece of comic book history on the entire internet.

Todd said that it was notable Marvel letterer Gaspar Saladino who did it. Saladino, you might recall, was featured in a Comic Book Legends Revealed column back in 2006 about how he actually served as the designated "First page letterer" for Marvel in the 1970s.

So there ya go, Robert!

Thanks so much for the info, Todd! Everyone be sure to check out Todd's wonderful website, Todd's Blog.

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