Comic Book Questions Answered: Who Designed the Costume For Nightwing's Solo Series?

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Reader Stephane wrote in with a question about Nightwing's current costume.


Stephane wrote in to ask:

For a while now I've been trying to figure this out, but can't quite seem to find the answer anywhere.

Who designed the current Nightwing costume? I had assumed it was Scott McDaniel, who handles art chores on the early issues of the current Nightwing run, until I realized that the costume was introduced earlier than that (Possibly in a Greg Land miniseries). I'm hard pressed to believe that Land could come up with such a striking design, one which will likely continue as the definitive version of the Nightwing persona.

Any thoughts?

To start, I have no idea if Greg Land is good at designing costumes. He might be!

However, Nightwing's current costume, the one that debuted in the Nightwing mini-series by Denny O'Neil and Greg Land, was designed by Brian Stelfreeze, who did the covers for that mini-series.

Thanks for the question, Stephane!

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