Comic Book Questions Answered - Where Does Foggy Nelson's Nickname Come From?

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Reader Marijane G. wrote in to ask:

Hi, I'm hoping you can tell me why Franklin Nelson is called Foggy. Thanks!

I can, indeed, Marijane! Read on for the answer!

Oddly enough, no one ever got around to actually explaining Foggy's nickname for decades. He was never really played as dumb or bewildered, so the typical meanings for foggy didn't really work. My best guess is that Stan Lee didn't give it a whole lot of thought other than "it sounds cool."

In any event, while someone else might have come up with an origin over the years that I missed, the current official origin for the "Foggy" nickname appeared in 2012 in Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's Daredevil #12. Matt Murdock is on a date and he's telling her about his life, including his partner...

So there you go, Marijane!

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