Comic Book Questions Answered: When Did Batman and Catwoman First Kiss?

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Reader Carlos M. wrote in to ask:

I was wondering if you could help me find the correct answer to a question a friend, who’s not a comic fan, once asked me. He wanted to know when was the first time Batman and Catwoman kissed? The only instance that I remembered was in the 1989 Catwoman mini-series by Mindy Newell, but there must be one, or several, before that one, right?

Read on to find out!

As soon as Catwoman debuted in Batman #1 (by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson and George Rousos), Batman and Catwoman had a flirtation going on, although one that exhibited itself in peculiar ways, like Batman threatening to spank her...

Thanks to commenter heyevaxx, we see that their first kiss was two issues later. I was only looking for Catwoman issues, so I totally forgot that after debuting the Catwoman moniker in #2, she went back to being called the Cat for a few issues. But obviously, her appearances as the Cat SHOULD count, so in Batman #3 (by Finger, Kane, Robinson and Roussos) we see them have their first kiss..

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