Comic Book Questions Answered: What is this "Marvel Universe" Title?

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Reader Erik sent in the following question:

I recently purchased a copy of Citizen V and the V-Battalion #1. At least, that's what the indicia says. The story is that of Citizen V #1, as is the cover, with one minor detail....the cover shows the TITLE as Marvel Universe, and the number as #3. Any explanation you might have for this?

Sure thing, Erik!

As most folks know, there are two types of comic sales - Direct Market and NewsStand. NewsStand comics are returnable, while Direct Market are not. For the most part, limited series are a product of the Direct Market, as it really is not worth the effort to gauge the sales of a book when the book is going to be finished by the time the sales of the first issue are calculated.

Therefore, as a way to sort of get around this, around Bill Jemas' tenure at Marvel, Marvel developed a new title for newsstands called Marvel Universe, which would be an ongoing series that would consist of other titles, like mini-series such as Citizen V mini-series, or other Marvel titles not then offered on the Direct Market.

I do not know if Marvel still produces this title.

Thanks for the question, Erik!

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