Comic Book Questions Answered - What, Exactly, Is Captain America's Shield Made Out Of?

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Reader Elisabeth D. wrote in to ask:

I've seen some sources state that Cap's shield is an alloy of vibranium and steel and others say it's an alloy of vibranium and adamantium. Which is correct? Has it changed over time?

Read on for the answer, Elisabeth!

As Elisabeth notes, that Captain America's shield has vibranium in it is quite well-established. But what about the other part?

You see, the problem is that it WAS referred to quite often as a vibranium/adamantium (along with other metals). Here is Mark Gruenwald himself, master of Marvel continuity, referring to it as such in Captain America Annual #8...

The problem, of course, is that the shield debuted in the second issue of Cap's original series...

And Adamantium did not appear until nearly thirty years later in Avengers #66...

So what's the deal?

Kurt Busiek brilliantly explained the whole situation in the 2001 Avengers Annual, in a back-up story with art by Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund...

There ya go, Elisabeth! Thanks for the question! If any of YOU folks out there have a question, feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

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