Comic Book Questions Answered - What Comic First Broke the Internet?

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Today we look at a question by CBR's own Managing Editor, Albert Ching. With the Kim Kardashian nude photo shoot for Paper Magazine working around the theme of "breaking the internet," Albert wanted to confirm with me what was the first comic that used the idea of breaking the internet as part of the publicity for the book. That is to say, not the first controversial comic book, but the first comic book that used "breaking the internet" as part of the publicity for the comic book. Albert had a comic in mind but wanted to be sure.

So let's see if the book he had in mind was correct!

House of M #3 ended with the following pages...

Hawkeye died in Avengers Disassembled but this marked his return to life.

In an interview with Matt Brady at Newsarama, House of M writer Brian Michael Bendis spoke about the series in general before it began (and specifically about the ending of House of M #3)...

I want people to open it up. By the end of issue 2, people are going to be like ‘Oh my God’. The end of issue 3, I guarantee you, is my best last page of a comic ever. I guarantee you. Everyone who’s read it has called me up and said, ‘Get out of here!’ I think by the end of issue 3, we’ll crack the Internet right in half. I think that’ll be it for the Internet.

So there ya go! That, by the way, WAS the comic that Albert had in mind.

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