Comic Book Questions Answered: Was Superman, the "Big Blue Boy Scout," Ever an ACTUAL Boy Scout?

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Reader Enrique M. wrote in to ask a question on behalf of his girlfriend. While Superman is often referred to as "The Big Blue Boy Scout," was he ever ACTUALLY a Boy Scout?

Read on to find out!

In 1951's Superboy #13, Superboy joins the Boy Scouts of America!

In the story, written by the great Bill Woolfolk and drawn by the even greater Curt Swan (with inks by John Fischetti), Superboy joins up with the Scouts...

He goes looking for somewhere for the Boy Scouts to use as their camp training grounds...

With Alvin no longer working as his lackey, Walt starts to lose his popularity (which really does not make any sense, but whaddayagonna do?), so he begins to play pranks on Alvin, whose Scouting knowledge foils Walt's schemes every time.

Eventually, though, one of Walt's pranks backfires on himself...

Very cool ending.

So there ya go, Enrique, your girlfriend should be pleased at this info! And now we know that the "Big Blue Boy Scot" is an accurate term!

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