Comic Book Questions Answered - The Math Mystery of Ultimate Spider-Man #150

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This time around, the question comes courtesy of Adam L., who asks:

My question involves another Marvel numbering snafu. This time on Ultimate Spider-man. The first series ended with issue #133 following the Ultimatum storyline. The series was relaunched with a new #1 and then resumed original numbering on issue #16/#150. The problem is 133 + 15 = 148 which would make issue #16 the 149th issue. There was an Ultimate Spider-man Requiem but as that was a 2 issue story, including it would still throw the numbering off.

Let's do some crazy comic book math!

The likely "real" answer is that Marvel probably just wanted to have #150 come out in a specific month, so that's what they decided to do.

But if you want to come up with a reasonable explanation for the missing issue, there are two good choices, one better than the other.

First off, there's Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1...

Not an Annual, so you can explain why you would count it and not BOTH Annuals (which would be too much). However, this was really a Marvel Team-Up book called Ultimate Spider-Man, so I think the better choice would be...

Ultimate Spider-Man #1/2

Yes, it was a Wizard book, but it was by Bendis, Bagley and Thibert, and I think that makes the math work best.

As an aside, just to get it out there, this would come up again with Ultimate Spider-Man #200.

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