Comic Book Questions Answered - Stan Lee and the Mystery of Amazing Spider-Man #200

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Today we look at a question from reader Chris S.:

(Have you ever dealt here or elsewhere with the single page of Amazing Spider-Man #200 that Stan Lee scripted? It was alluded to in the letter’s page of the issue, but I don’t know if the exact page number was ever revealed. It’s one of the abiding mysteries of my childhood.

Read on for the answer, Chris!

In Amazing Spider-Man #200 (by Marv Wolfman, Keith Pollard and Jim Mooney), the issue opens with an interesting mystery, one page of the anniversary issue would be scripted by Stan Lee himself!

As it turns out, though, Chris, the answer to the mystery is a bit on the disappointing side of things, as the page Lee wrote just happened to be the one-page epilogue that is set off from the rest of the story by virtue of being a one-page epilogue. Still, in case you were curious, here it is!

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