Comic Book Questions Answered: Is There a Chronological Comic Book Resource I Can Use?

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This question concerns an excellent on-line comic book resource.


A reader wrote in with the following question:

My kid would like to start collecting comics and I know very little about them. He wants to try and start from the beginning of a couple different characters such as his favorite, Gambit. Is there some kind of reference magazine or web site that will list in chronological order all the different comics of a certain character or group?

This gives me the opportunity to plug a really amazing comic book resource, the Marvel Chronology Project!!

The Marvel Chronology Project does exactly what this reader wants, by producing detailed lists of the chronological appearances of characters.

To wit, for Gambit, here are his appearances up until 1991's X-Men #1 (please note that FB means flashback, so if you just wanted to see his appearances in the order they were released, just ignore the flashback ones):

GAM3 25-FBGAM3 1-FBG&B 2-FBGAM3 25-FBGAM3 1-FBGAM3 19-FBGAM3 6-FBGAM3 6-FBGAM3 23-FBGAM 3-FBX 33-FBX 8-FBGAM3 1-FBX 8-FBGAM3 1-FBX 8-FBW/G 3-FBUX 350-FBUX 210-BTSUX 350-FBGAM3 7-FBUX 350-FBGAM3 20-FB{UX 266}UX 267GAM3 2-FBUX 267UX@ 14UX 270NM 95XF 60NM 96XF 61UX 272NM 97XF 62UX 273UX 274UX 275UX 276UX 277UX 278UX 279XF 69UX 280XF 70X 1

There's a reference list that explains what each abbreviation stands for, but most of them are pretty darn simple (Gam 3 would be the third Gambit series, etc.).

The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe gives a similar look at the DC Universe with their Unofficial DC Chronology Project, but while it is an excellent resource, it is only for stories since 1985.

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