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Comic Book Questions Answered – How Many People Has Superman Killed?

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Comic Book Questions Answered – How Many People Has Superman Killed?

In the Death of Superman, Superman decides he has to put Doomsday down for good, so he kills the creature even as it kills him….

In the sequel mini-series, Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey (also by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding), Superman hunts down Doomsday (who has also come back from the dead) and kills him again…

At the end of the Reign of the Supermen in Superman #82 (by Jurgens and Breeding once again), a newly returned (and repowered) Superman certainly seems to TRY to kill the Cyborg Superman here…

On the next page, he doubts it actually worked, but A. it looks like he killed him, right? and, more importantly, B. the INTENT seemed to be to kill there. So I’m counting it.

During Our Worlds at War, Superman gives the Doomsday “End of TIme” death to Imperiex and Brainiac…

He also killed a Sun-Eater in Action Comics #847. Does that really count?

Similarly, he killed a Kryptonian dragon in the New 52, but I’m not counting that. I’m thinking more PEOPLE he killed.

Along those same lines, he’s “killed” a bunch of robots over the years and some parademons in the New 52. Do you count parademons as people? Robots don’t count, I don’t think so, but parademons could count.

In any event, yes, Superman has killed his fair share of people over the years.

Also, do not go time-traveling with Superman near the end of time. Dude might totally try to kill you.

Any other questions? Send them to!

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