Comic Book Questions Answered: How Many Pages Did Jack Kirby Draw in a Day?

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This question concerns Jack Kirby.


Some time ago, a reader (I have lost the name, to be frank) asked me a question about how fast Jack Kirby drew. We have heard so many stories about how fast Kirby was, but how many pages did he actually draw a day? The one I heard the most often was about three pages a day, which is a remarkably high amount of pages.

To find out for sure, I went to everyone's favorite Jack Kirby expert, Mark Evanier, and here's what he had to say:

Jack often did more than three a day. During the 1963-1967 period, he often did five or six a day. His 1970 deal with DC required fifteen a week and he sometimes did twenty.

I'll have an article in an upcoming JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR that will deal with this in more detail.

Isn't that amazing?

Thanks, Mark! Be sure, folks, to check out the Jack Kirby Collector from TwoMorrows!

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