Comic Book Questions Answered: Does Deadpool Actually Even LIKE Chimichangas?

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Reader Damon B. wrote in with a question inspired by a recent meme. He saw a meme whose humor was based, in part, on the fact that Deadpool really likes chimichangas, which are basically fried burritos. So Damon wanted to know if that was actually a thing from Deadpool comic books or was it something that they came up with in the Deadpool movie.

So read on, folks, to see if Deadpool actually liked chimichangas in the comic books!

Here's the meme, which is a play off of the recent revelation that Captain America is a member of Hydra. I believe these are all done by different people. I'll gladly credit whoever came up with them specifically, but I can't find any credits on the various meme websites.

Deadpool and chimichangas have definitely become a big part of Deadpool's pop culture imprint.

It was part of his attack moves in Marvel vs. Capcom...

There's even a Deadpool chimichanga truck TOY out there!

Chimichangas were used as part of Deadpool's IMAX trailer...