Comic Book Questions Answered - Could the Hulk Have Torn Wolverine's Adamantium Skeleton Apart?

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Now that the Hulk has joined his old sparring partner, Wolverine, in death, reader Roger B. asked whether the regular Marvel Universe Hulk could have torn the regular Marvel Universe Wolverine's adamantium skeleton apart (we know the Ultimate versions of the characters could).

Read on for the answer!

Adamantium was introduced in Avengers #66...

Pretty impressive metal.

So how has the Hulk done against adamantium?

In Incredible Hulk #279 (by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema), the Hulk is pardoned now that Bruce Banner was in control of the Hulk. The Hulk was given his own celebration, complete with an adamantium statue...

When he became savage just 20 issues later (by Mantlo, Buscema and Gerry Talaoc)

So the Hulk cracked adamantium there.

Meanwhile, in Marvel Team-Up #18 (by Len Wein, Gil Kane, Frank Giacoia and Mike Esposito), the Hulk bent adamantium around Blastaar to capture him...

Earlier in that same issue, Blastaar destroyed a factory made out of adamantium...

So we're looking at him cracking one statue and being able to bend adamantium. Does that mean that he could TEAR it apart? Probably, right?

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