Comic Book Questions Answered #8

If you have a nagging comic book question that you'd like to know the answer (or at least AN answer) to, just ask me, and I'll see if I can't answer it (and if I can't, then hopefully I can find an expert on the subject who CAN). Sounds cool, right? Remember my e-mail contact info here.


Garret asks:

I keep remembering ads about a new book, maybe late 80's, mid 90's, called, "Xero" or "Zero Man". I remember Milestone's wonderful, Xombie, but don't remember this book coming out. Did it? Or if it didn't, why not?

Xero, about a superpowered government agent who was a black man who wore a mask to appear as a white man while working as Xero, was a short-lived comic series from DC in 1997. Christopher Priest (who owned the character) and ChrisCross were the creative team.


Mark asks:

Hi, please does anyone know how many issues of Marvel UK Avengers Weekly there were and after the final issue what happened? Was the story continued elsewhere ? I have issues 1-148 but I believe it may have been 150.

After #148, Avengers Weekly merged into the main Marvel UK reprint title, The Mighty World of Marvel.

Thomas B. asks:

What are your thoughts on the morality of downloading comics?

If a comic was not intentionally released as a free download, then it is immoral to download that comic for free.

I'll leave it to each individual to decide if they don't mind being immoral in this instance.


Mister Midnight asks:

Someone mentioned that Peter Parker struck a pregnant M.J. during DeFalco's Cone Saga? Is this true? And if so....what issue did it occur in? I'm having a hard time coming to grips with this possibility.

Quick point - while it WAS in an issue written by DeFalco, the Clone Saga really wasn't much of a DeFalco thing.

That being said, in Spectacular Spider-Man #226, it is revealed that Peter Parker is the clone and Ben Reilly is the original.

Peter does not take it well, and begins fighting with Ben. As the two men struggle, Mary Jane comes to try to help/break it up. Peter doesn't see her coming (as his Spider-Sense doesn't warn him she's there, as she is not a danger to him), and he makes a sharp half-turn which results in hitting into Mary Jane, sending her flying into a nearby wall. Peter is stunned at what happened, and runs away, disgusted with himself.


Mister Midnight asked a second question that I cannot answer, except for what I think the answer is. The question is:

How and when did Bug from the Micronauts become the human sized character we now know in Starlord-Annihilation Conquest? Did this happen duirng the Peter David run on Captain Marvel?

I do not know for sure, but I am pretty sure the first time we see Bug normal-sized was actually IN Starlord.

If anyone else knows otherwise, let me know!

That's it for this time!

Please feel feel free to send in any more questions you have wanted an answer to!

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