Comic Book Questions Answered #5

If you have a nagging comic book question that you'd like to know the answer (or at least AN answer) to, just ask me, and I'll see if I can't answer it (and if I can't, then hopefully I can find an expert on the subject who CAN). Sounds cool, right? Remember my e-mail contact info here.


Reader Nick, presumably inspired by yesterday's Snark Free Corner, asked the following:

I have been looking for, but I have been unable to find, a death count of people who actually died during the "Enemy of the State" storyline in Wolverine. Can you help me out?

Certainly, Nick!

Okay, I believe this is all the people who were killed during that story arc (SPOILERS, of course!):

WolverineElektra (she MAY have been faking - I forget)NorthstarThe HornetSHOCPoisonVibroThe SpotSlydeLeapfrogFake Baron Von StruckerElsbeth Von StruckerGorgonMany thousands of members of The Hand, Hydra and the Dawn of the White Light

Reader Paul wrote in to ask:

I am trying to find a place were I can sell a "cell" from the Spider-Man cartoon of Spider-Man and Venom.

I got it about ten or fifteen years ago with a Spider-Man comic book, they mailed it with it as a collectors thing.

Were would I go for this?

As with almost all questions like this, the answer is almost always eBay, as you will most likely get more for the item there then if you were to sell it to a local collectibles store or at a convention.

However, the more important thing in most of these situations (including this one) is not really WHERE to sell it, but rather, "Is it worth selling at all?"

The problem here, Paul, is that the cell you refer to is quite common. Tropic Comics, for instance, is currently selling them on their website for $3.99.

So it probably would not be worth the time trying to sell your cell.

That's it for this week!

Please feel feel free to send in any more questions you have wanted an answer to!

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