Comic Book Queers Podcast Kicks Off with Dramatic Reading of "Dazzler" #1

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Years ago, families and friends would gather around the radio listening to stories of their favorite comic book adventurers. Why should today be any different?

Utilizing a similar, but new-fangled technology called "podcasting", the Comic Book Queers have been talking comics with straight guys, gay girls and all points in between for 60 episodes.

Now, they are bringing that old timey tradition -- of listening to our favorite heroes and villains clash in real live audio -- back to the masses with episode 61.

In the first part of Comic Book Queers' "PULP BOOK NANCY BOYS THEATRE" podcast series, Eric, Steve, Brett and friends present their interpretation of the 1981 Marvel comic "DAZZLER #1". This, as will future installments, features the show's hosts, listeners and guests doing dramatic readings of our favorite comic book issues.

Thrill at the perils faced by a young Miss Allison Blaire as she takes on street thugs, Asgardian supervillains and a wacky cavalcade of Marvel's most popular superheroes -- Spider-Man! The Avengers! The X-Men! Marvel at the luminous tears of a down-on-her-luck girl who just wants to sing disco and please her daddy.

Comic Book Queers' "PULP BOOK NANCY BOYS THEATRE presents DAZZLER #1" is available for download at http://www.comicbookqueers.com or iTunes or other places you can get podcasts.

Comic Book Queers is a podcast where three gay guys and usually a lesbian (kinda like how Yvonne Craig would pop up on Batman) talk about comic books, graphic novels, comic book movies, and other stuff like Lost and Project Runway and their feelings. Just kidding, they have none. For more information, visit http://www.comicbookqueers.com

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