Comic Book Pet Peeve

Chris Butcher just recently did a bit on one of the more annoying items for comic retailers - Dark Horse's stocking system of books related to "hot" media properties. I know quite a few comic retailers who were so worried that they wouldn't have copies of 300 in stock for the movie that they began stockpiling copies in late 2006, which is just pretty silly, isn't it? That a store had to lay out cash months in advance of actually selling the product, simply because they did not believe the books would be available to order when they actually NEEDED them. Stores felt this way because that was the case for Sin City and Serenity - neither books were available to retailers when the movies were in the theaters. You know, when they needed them.

Dark Horse did a good job with 300, though. The stores that stockpiled them ended up not really NEEDING to stockpile them. However, as Butcher notes, the same problem is popping up with the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 series. Dark Horse has been GREAT about keeping the individual issues in print (DC and Marvel could take some tips from them on this point), but the popular series contains advertisements for trade paperbacks by Joss Whedon that AREN'T IN STOCK and won't BE in stock until late June/early July!!

That is pretty annoying. I understand that Dark Horse has their own monetary concerns, but why oh why would you advertise for something that comic retailers do not have to sell? Has anyone seen Dark Horse give any statements on this subject?

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