Comic Book Legends Revealed Addendum: The Scare Tactics Single!

In a recent Comic Book Legends Revealed, I told the tale about how Len Kaminski, writer of the DC comic book, Scare Tactics (which was a book about a bunch of young monsters who had their own rock band), had gone out of pocket to produce a tape cassette single for the band. The notion would be that the single could be given away to members of the Scare Tactics Fan Club. You can read the above Legends link to see why it never came to pass.

However, now, over a decade after the fact, courtesy of Len Kaminski's private collection, we can share with you that single, "Inhumanifesto"!

Read on to get the link to listen to the song!!


Thanks so much to Len Kaminski for sharing this great piece of comic book history with us!

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