Comic Book Legends Revealed #578

COMIC LEGEND: Captain America was set to be rebooted for Heroes Reborn before Mark Waid and Ron Garney ever started their run.


When Kurt Busiek relaunched Iron Man and Avengers after the Heroes Reborn line of comics ended, Mark Waid and Ron Garney relaunched Captain America. This was a return to the title for Waid and Garney, who took over the book from Mark Gruenwald and Dave Hoover with Captain America #444...

with Captain America returning to form in their classic storyline, "Operation: Rebirth," in the following issue (by the end of Gruenwald's run, Cap was seemingly dead)...

However, their entire run was done in just 11 issues, cut short by the aforementioned Heroes Reborn line launch...

With Rob Liefeld taking over Captain America...

A reader recently (I don't recall who), talked about this short run and he seemed to suggest that Waid and Garney knew that they only had a short time and that they were just filling time until the reboot. As it turned out, the reader was partially correct. You see, MARVEL knew that they were going to be relaunching the title under the auspices of Rob Liefeld. But do you know who DIDN'T know? Mark Waid and Ron Garney!

I asked Waid about it, and he explained it as such:

We weren't told until close to 450 even though the deal had been struck before we came aboard. I'm just glad we made the most of our time there. Ever since then, Marvel's always been super-communicative with me about special circumstances, which is much appreciated.

Isn't that crazy? I remember when Waid and Garney took over the book. It seemed like such a big deal, and yet Marvel knew at the time that it was always going to be a short-lived run! But man, what a great eleven issues they were!

Their second run was good, as well, but boy, that first run was amazing. And I loved how they brought Sharon Carter back.

Thanks to Mark Waid for the information!

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