Comic Book Legends Revealed #576


In honor of Marv Wolfman Day, I figured I'd do a legend involving Marv.

Armageddon 2001 involved a mystery of who became the mysterious Monarch. As we discussed in one of the very first comic book legends, it was going to be Captain Atom, but that ending was leaked so DC changed it to Hawk of Hawk and Dove.

Anyhow, the New Titans Annual tie-in to Armageddon 2001 (written by Marv Wolfman) also introduced the Team Titans - the Titans of the future!

The Titans of the future are led by the mysterious "Leader"....

Originally, the plan was for the leader to be known other than Danny Chase, the Teen Titans' answer to Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch!

The idea behind Danny was to add another young hero to the Titans as Changeling was getting a bit long in the tooth to be the young guy on the team. Fans were not...well...you know, fans of the character. Eventually Danny was written out of the book, but he returned during Titans Hunt.

New Titans editor explained to my buddy Bill Walko for The Titans Companion:

Walko: Back to Team Titans. One unanswered question was the original identity of the Team Titans leader. Although ultimately revealed as Monarch, that was not the original intent. I believe originally the idea was to have Danny Chase be revealed as the Team Titans leader.

Peterson: That was true. That was part of the idea of making Danny Chase tolerable. We could make him like John Conner from Terminator 2. He goes from whiny kid to leader of the rebellion.

Instead, Danny was killed at the end of Titans Hunt. In the end, it turned out that MONARCH was the mysterious leader (Hawk WAS a Titan!) and the Team Titans were all part of his villainous conspiracy.

Thanks to Bill Walko and Jonathan Peterson for the information!

Okay, that's it for this week!

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