Comic Book Legends Revealed #576


David Choe is a famous graffiti muralist best known for the murals he did for the Facebook offices.

Choe famously accepted Facebook stock options in lieu of cash for his payment for the murals and when Facebook went public in 2012, those stock options were worth somewhere in the ballpark of $200 million dollars.

A couple of months back, I talked about how Brian Wood was going to be the original writer on NYX.

Well, as it turns out, Choe was going to be the artist on that series!

Here's a Jubilee drawing by Choe....

At the time, though, there was a bit of a disagreement between Wood and Choe and Marvel over whether their NYX series had ever been officially approved. They felt that it had been and then Marvel had then canceled the project, while Marvel's position was that it was still in the proposal stage.

Choe then posted an online screed against Marvel's Editor in Chief Joe Quesada that was quite out there. You can read the whole thing here, but do note that it is very much NSFW.

Here's a heavily edited snippet:

Joe is an idiot because: FOR WASTING MY F***ING TIME. I hate it when f****ers f****ing do that. For future reference ,to all the idiot;s out there DON’T WASTE MY F****ING TIME(especially when I’m watching DAWSON’s CREEK)When I put out, comics I self publish ‘em put em out exactly how I want .and they sell out and win awards. I can go upstairs into my room right now and draw something, anything, and sell it tomorrow to someone in this country for more , than those idiots were probably gonna pay me to draw that entire book, (which was gonna look better than anything those f****ers put out). This is what I do for a living and that makes me the luckiest happiest guy around, I don’t need to do your bulls***, I’m not some f****ing kid from the Joe Kubert art school, with a portfolio and ripped off Rob Liefield drawings trying to break into the industry, you just so happened to get a hold of me at a weak moment, and swing the word"x-men" in front of my face, and that’s the only reason I decided to do it. Just to do it. Not for money , not for fame, just for the chance to take a stab at my hero’s who I read growing up in the 7-11, like I owed it to myself or some shit. Anyways so I got lured in ,even with all the bulls*** I heard about Marvel, and I put aside all my projects and put my heart into the X book. And then the book got approved ,(reminder the book which was your f****ing idea to begin with), so don’t go around ok ing books that were your idea in the first place if your gonna p***y out, and if you are ,at least own up to it like a man, you f****ing p***y.

So...yeah, not a happy camper. Can you imagine a Brian Wood/David Choe NYX book? That would have been awesome.

Thanks to reader Ian A. for suggesting this one!


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