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COMIC LEGEND: Dan Slott eventually revealed the identity of the Red Hood from his Batman Adventures run.


Dan Slott and Ty Templeton worked together on an excellent Batman Adventures series that tied in with the Batman animated universe. It debuted in 2003 but sadly ended in 2004 after just 17 issues. Slott and Templeton would each write roughly half of the stories, with typically Rick Burchett and Terry Beatty drawing the stories.

One of the storylines driven by Slott involved a mysterious villain controlling some of the Gotham mob, as seen here in Batman Adventures #7, as the villain directs both Black Mask and Phantasm...

The following issue, the mystery villain gets irked at Black Mask's failures...

And at the end of the story, the villain reveals him/herself to Phantasm as the Red Hood...

The problem is that the book was canceled before Slott and Templeton could reveal who the Red Hood WAS.

Not only that, but even after it ended, Slott wasn't particularly interested in revealing the Hood's identity.

In 2005, Ty Templeton explained on the ToonZone forums that he couldn't reveal it, since it was Slott's idea, but he DID throw in some clues:

I know who the Red Hood was, naturally, since I was working on the issues that featured him. HOWEVER, the decision as to who was under there was Dan's not mine. We often shotgunned ideas, and sometimes just called each other up with ideas, but the basic Red Hood storyline was 90% Dan's (just as the Penguin as Mayor bit, or the reformed Riddler bits were mine), and it's not for me to reveal the identity if Dan hasn't done so in public. He's often said he plans to use the storyline in a JLAnimated comic someday, which he still might (although his exclusive contract with Marvel, and my contracts with Bongo and Mr. Comics seem to have us working elsewhere than DC at the moment.)

I will give you some hints though....

It's a character that belongs exclusively to the DC animated world...who wouldn't work in any other version of the continuity, and it's absolutely NOT Jason Todd or Alfred.

Sorry, but you'll have to pester Dan about the final identity, since it wasn't my bit.

That same year, ToonZone also interviewed Slott and cut right to it:

TZN: Will you ever reveal who the Red Hood was?

DS: You’re referring to the Red Hood we brought into the BATMAN ADVENTURES book back in ’03, right? Ah, I remember those days… BATMAN ADVENTURES #5 through #9 (also reprinted as BATMAN ADVENTURES DIGEST VOL.2, “SHADOWS & MASKS”). A new crime boss, the Black Mask, was trying to take over Gotham’s underworld… but he was secretly working for a mysterious new Red Hood.

We were going to keep building up the mystery of WHO was behind that darn Red Hood… and then, in a startling reveal, you’d discover that it was actually….

And then the book got canceled. And, man, it still hurts. So, nope. Not gonna tell. Maybe someday. Just not today. The wound’s still too fresh.

Fortunately, the mainstream BATMAN books have a story going on with Black Mask and a sinister new Red Hood. So I’m sure you’ll get to see a Red Hood unmasked soon. And I’m sure theirs will be somebody really cool.

However, in recent years, at comic book conventions, Slott has been more open with the information. So we now know the answer.

Just skip to the next legend if you don't want to know the answer! I'll also give you some spoiler space!















Okay, ready? The great DC animated fan website, The World's Finest, got the answer, as one of the site administrators, James Harvey, asked Slott about it at FanExpo 2013.

Here is the answer.


Had Batman Adventures continued, Dan Slott said, The Red Hood would have been revealed as Andrea Beaumont's mother, Victoria Beaumont, who also happened to be the real head of the Valestra mob. Years ago, she faked her death in an attempt to get her family away from the Valestra mob, and was disappointed to see her family eventually fall into their clutches. However, when she saw what happened to her husband, and what eventually became of her daughter, she felt it was time to not only get revenge on the Valestra mob, but take Gotham for herself. Inevitably, this would have led to a devastating confrontation between her, Batman, and Andrea Beaumont.

Very clever idea. Slott's a clever dude.

Thanks to James Harvey and Dan Slott for the information! Thanks to reader Kyle for suggesting that I feature this one!


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