Comic Book Legends Revealed #570

COMIC LEGEND: DC Comics prevented James Robinson from fulfilling the Hawkman prophecy from the early issues of Starman.


In Starman #2 (by James Robinson, Tony Harris and Wade Von Grawbadger), there were a few prophecies regarding Starman's future...

They all came true, except for the "winged man" one, which was clearly a reference to Hawkman, who had just recently (at the time) had a confusing new status quo where he was merged together with both of the Hawkman characters of the time (the space cop, Katar Hol, and the Golden Age Hawkman, Carter Hall).

Well, fifteen issues later, the prophecy changed...

The new reference, of course, was to Captain Marvel, who Starman ended up meeting...

Reader Robert S. wanted to know if DC Comics prevented James Robinson from using Hawkman, leading to him changing the prophecy.

As it turned out, though, it was all Robinson. You see, a fan (Ed Homa Jr.) wrote a letter to Starman suggesting a Captain Marvel team-up and Robinson liked the idea a lot....

and he also was less and less interested in writing the overly complicated take on Hawkman, so he made the switch on his own accord.

He later told Michael Hutchison of Fanzing:

It's tough, with all the foreshadowing I chose to do in the book, when things change. Hawkman is a character I've always loved. I wanted to use him when he was still a fairly uncomplicated version of the horrible Hawkworld version that [existed] about then. However, as the time neared to use him, the character's continuity became such a mess I was scared away.


Years later, he got a chance to co-write a revamped Hawkman in an ongoing series with Geoff Johns!

So while Robinson certainly has run afoul of DC editorial fiat over the years, it wasn't the issue in this instance!

Thanks to Robert for the question! And thanks to Michael Hutchison and James Robinson for the information!

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