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Comic Book Legends Revealed #569

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Comic Book Legends Revealed #569

COMIC LEGEND: Peter Parker in Spider-Man: The Animated Series was based on Nicholas Hammond from the 1970s live action Spider-Man TV series.


The 1990s Spider-Man Animated Series was famously very much in tune with the feel of the Spider-Man comic books (especially the comics of that era), but a curious difference was Peter Parker’s appearance.

Instead of the traditional look for Peter made famous by John Romita Sr….

Here is what he looked like…

This has led to rumors over the years that it was because Peter Parker was based, visually, on Nicholas Hammond, who played Spider-Man/Peter Parker in a short-lived late 1970s TV series (find out how Nicholas Hammond’s Spider-Man did in our DC/Marvel TV Superheros Tournament, now in the Final Four!)

However, according to the head of the series, John Semper, that was not the case. Here, Semper explains to Jay Jayson at how Stan Lee was the reason for Peter’s new look:

He was based on detailed instructions given by Stan Lee to Producer Bob Richardson, who then drew the design himself. Stan wanted to “update” the look of Peter Parker. When we first started working on the series, Peter looked like Romita’s version of Peter. But, one day, Stan woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided he wanted a new look, and so this was what was created. Nobody was more surprised by the change than I was. Any resemblance to Nicholas Hammond is purely coincidental.

Thanks, John and Jay! Boy, John Semper sure is helpful with stuff like this. In the past, he’s explained a lot of interesting things about the 1990s Spider-Man animated series, like how the Sinister Six couldn’t be called that because the word “Sinister” was too harsh (seriously?!) or how an X-Men crossover had to be mostly scrapped because the show couldn’t afford to fly the voice actors out to record their lines or how they got stuck with Hobgoblin instead of using the Green Goblin first.


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On the next page, learn the surprising way how the Marvel Method led to Marvel doing multiple issue stories.

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