Comic Book Legends Revealed #564

Welcome to the five hundred and sixty-fourth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the first five hundred (I actually haven't been able to update it in a while). This week, was Deadpool's roommate, Blind Al, supposed to be the first Black Widow? Is Alan Moore banned from the United States by the CIA? And was one of the 1993 Marvel Annuals characters just the Dungeons and Dragons character of the Annual's writer?

Let's begin!

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COMIC LEGEND: Deadpool's roommate, Blind Al, was originally going to be the first Black Widow (and she was the responsible for Deadpool getting cancer).


Deadpool's roommate, Blind Al, played by Leslie Uggams, was a scene-stealer in the Deadpool movie...

And in the comics, Blind Al, Deadpool's housemate/prisoner, was also a scene-stealer, like when they went back in time to an old issue of Amazing Spider-Man in Deadpool #11 (by Joe Kelly and Pete Woods) and Al impersonated Aunt May...

However, we never really got TOO much info into Blind Al's background outside of the disturbing as heck Deadpool #14, where she explains some of the messed up stuff Deadpool has done to her as his prisoner (while maintaining that she sort of owes it to Deadpool to stay with him).

So anyhow, in Deadpool #25, by Joe Kelly and Walter McDaniel, Deadpool is dealing with a huge crisis of confidence as he debates whether to essentially destroy peace on Earth for the sake of freeing everyone on Earth from being mind-controlled into becoming peaceful.

Blind Al gives him a pep talk...

At the end of the issue, after Deadpool successfull "saves" Earth after defeating a possessed Captain America, Captain America comes across something familiar to him...

That plot was never resolved...in the comics, that is.

Joe Kelly, in an interview with Comic Book Resources' Robert Taylor, revealed his original plans for Blind Al:

We were going to do the origin story of Blind Al, and show her as the original Black Widow and show how she was responsible for Wade getting cancer.

By "original," this doesn't mean the actual Golden Age character named Black Widow, but rather a 1940s version of the current Black Widow, Natasha (the one in the Avengers).

That story could still be told! Come on, Joe Kelly is writing Deadpool again in Spider-Man/Deadpool! There's still time!

For now, all we have is this...

Thanks to Joe Kelly and Robert Taylor for the information!

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On the next page, did the CIA keep Alan Moore out of the Untied States because he pissed them off?

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