Comic Book Legends Revealed #562

COMIC LEGEND: Mark Waid tried to quit writing the second Deadpool mini-series after finding out who Deadpool was.


Mark Waid wrote Deadpool's second mini-series. He did a great job and the series established Deadpool's connection to Siryn and really softened the character a lot. Joe Kelly followed a lot of Waid's lead when it came to Deadpool's ongoing series.

Well, reader Jamil had an interesting question about the series:

Is it true that Waid took the Deadpool: Sins of the Past assignment without really knowing much about the character and then tried to get out of it once he realized how flippant the character was? You touched on how that series was the start of legitimacy for DP and I was wondering if that was Waid trying to make sense of a character that was pretty gimmicky up until that point.

I asked Mark about it, and he filled me in...

The Deadpool mini was my first Marvel work, if I recall correctly. And at that early stage, no one really knew much about Deadpool. But I never tried to get out of it, no. I just decided to lean into the flippancy and really expand it so he had a madcap voice all his own. In my mind, in that mini, Deadpool was Bugs Bunny, Juggernaut was Yosemite Sam, and Black Tom was Elmer Fudd. Beyond that, I took my usual approach--I thought long and hard about what it would be like to be Deadpool, to have to live with that kind of scarring. And I picked the action scenes specifically to play up Deadpool's almost cartoonish healing abilities, which is why one of the story's set pieces is set in a knife factory.

Thanks, Mark! And thanks to Jamil for the suggestion!


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