Comic Book Legends Revealed #552

COMIC LEGEND: DC canceled a secret origin of the Legion of Superheroes' Clubhouse due to changes in Superman continuity.


In 1989's Secret Origin #46, there were origins for three notable DC Comics headquarters, including the Legion of Superheroes' Clubhouse, in a story by Gerard Jones, Curt Swan and Ty Templeton....

In the end, Fortress Lad saves the day but loses his entire mind and the Legion forget he ever existed. Daaark.

However, this was NOT the first version of this story!

Instead, the original story was penciled by Kurt Schaffenberger instead of Swan and it featured the original Legionnaires going to Smallville to investigate a mystery rocket...

They eventually learn that it was a rocket sent AFTER baby Kal-El was sent from Krypton...

They decide to make it their headquarters....

However, then-current DC Continuity had it that Superboy did not exist. And that that particular origin of baby Kal-El did not exist. Jones and Schaffenberger tried one attempt at trying to appease DC by positing this as an alternate history or something like that (maybe working in the Pocket Universe Superboy?), as seen in this alternate page...

but in the end, DC wouldn't allow it, so Jones had to go back to the drawing board. The original was later published in the Legion fanzine Interlac. Go to Cosmicteams.com here to read the whole original story!


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