Comic Book Legends Revealed #536

COMIC LEGEND: Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy was designed by Jack Kirby as an animated series.


A lot of people were somewhat surprised to learn that Devil Dinosaur was getting his own series again from Marvel, along with a new Moon GIRL instead of his original traveling companion, Moon Boy.

Written and drawn by Jack Kirby (with inks by Mike Royer), a lot of comic book readers didn't quite know what to make of Devil Dinosaur when he debuted in 1978...

The series was much different from other Marvel comic books, as it was clearly designed with young children in mind.

This confused readers at the time, but as it turned out, it was because it was meant to be a kid's TV series!

Jack Kirby going into 1978 was at a crossroads in his career. He was planning on leaving comics to get into animation and was just waiting until the end of his contract with Marvel. His Eternals series was recently canceled, so he needed a new project as Marvel was paying him a set rate and if he didn't come out with a new series, they were essentially "losing" money on his deal. Meanwhile, there were rumors that DC was going to turn a series Kirby had just done for them, Kamandi, into a cartoon series.

So Marvel, wanting to get into animation themselves, had Kirby come up with a pitch for an animated series like Kamandi that featured dinosaurs and Kirby came up with Devil Dinosaur. Sadly, the development deal Marvel came up with for the series never became a PRODUCTION deal and so they were just left with a comic book with new cartoon to tie into and, naturally enough, the comic book series died an early death...

The character was so cool, however, that it popped up often since and now has its own series!

Thanks to Tom Stewart for his great Back Issue article on Devil Dinosaur and thanks to Mark Evanier, who supplied Stewart with much of his info!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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