Comic Book Legends Revealed #523

COMIC LEGEND: Christopher Priest originally was going to follow up his Captain America and Falcon series with a Falcon solo series.


In the second-to-last issue of his series, Captain America and Falcon, writer Christopher Priest has Captain America confront his partner, the Falcon, and things don't go so well (art by Dan Jurgens and Nelson)...

Later in the issue, Cap is declared dead...

This snaps the Falcon out of his funk and he essentially vanishes (this was meant to mirror Priest's own upcoming disappearance on the book).

In the next issue (art by Jurgens and Tom Palmer), Cap turns out not to be dead (it is a clever bit where Priest notes that medical equipment is meant to test NORMAL humans, not superhumans, so while a NORMAL human would be dead, Cap was not).

Cap goes to seek out his friend, while meeting with Robbie Robertson over Falcon's recent erratic behavior...

In the end, after Cap resolves the series-running long subplot of a rogue "Anti-Cap" running around the globe, he thinks he sees the Falcon...

So that's the end of the series. That sure seems like it was meant to GO somewhere, right?

That's because it initially WAS. You see, when Captain America and the Falcon launched, the concept was that this would be the Marvel Universe alternative to the Marvel Knights Captain America title that was going on at the same time. This was the Cap who could interact with the Avengers, for instance.

Well, as the first year on Captain America and the Falcon came to close, Marvel relaunched Captain America with Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting as part of the Marvel Universe. It was a hit out of the gate. So now Priest's book seemed a bit superfluous and he knew it. Editor Tom Brevoort, however, came up with a great idea - just transition the book into a Falcon solo book and Priest could continue writing it.

So the end of the series was initially written with that in mind, setting up a break before the Falcon series would launch. However, Priest ended up being unwilling to commit to the new project. He dragged his feet so long that the project fell apart. He still wrote the ending of the series with the intent that another writer could have a blank slate for a new Falcon series, but without Priest, the Falcon series never materialized.

Instead, six months later, the Falcon shows up in Brubaker and Epting's Captain Americs without explanation...

Thanks to Christopher Priest for the explanation. Check out his amazingly in depth write-up on the series here.


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