Comic Book Legends Revealed #511

COMIC LEGEND: Neil Gaiman took Bill Sienkiewicz's story pages in The Sandman: Endless Nights out of order.


In 2003, Neil Gaiman did an awesome graphic novel called The Sandman: Endless Nights, where he would do a short story about a different member of the Endless with a different legendary comic book artist.

For Delirium, he worked with Bill Sienkiewicz...

It was a cool story, but the next year, Neil Gaiman revealed to Dave Sim in Following Cerebus #5 the even more fascinating way that Gaiman wrote the story. You see, Gaiman had a script for the story and he gave it Sienkiewicz, who then drew the story according to the script. However, as Gaiman took the pages in, he would lay them out on the ground and he decided to re-arrange the pages and then just re-script them based on the order he came up with. He continued that with the new pages as they came in (letting Sienkiewicz know that he was doing it this way, of course).

Isn't that just fascinating? Only with a pairing of two guys like Gaiman and Sienkiewicz would an idea like that even have a chance at working!

Gaiman joked to Sim that he told the story to Frank Miller who remarked that had HE thought of it back when he was doing Elektra: Assassin with Sienkiewicz, the final book would have looked a whole lot different!

EDITED TO ADD: After we posted this story, editor Shelly Bond (who edited the story), Neil Gaiman and Bill Sienkiewicz all added some cool information to this story on Twitter!

Bond: Bill almost had a coronary.

Gaiman: It was even better than that. I got Bill to give me pages he'd rejected and worked them in too. It was so much fun.

Sienkiewicz: In keeping with our talks re OCD, creation thru destruction, sense thru nonsense, truth thru lies. Good Times.

Thanks, guys!

Thanks to Travis Pelkie for turning me on to this story! And thanks to Neil Gaiman and Dave Sim for sharing it. And thanks to Bill Sienkiewicz for just being awesome in general. Also, thanks to Juan and Jim for correcting a stupid mistake I made by posting the wrong Endless Nights story at first.

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