Comic Book Legends Revealed #508

COMIC LEGEND: Rick Remender tried to get Doctor Voodoo on to his original Uncanny Avengers roster.


An interesting thing about comics is that if you have an idea and you stick around long enough on a title, you typically CAN eventually use that idea, even if you aren't able to use it the first time you wanted to do it.

This is definitely the case for Rick Remender. During Brian Michael Bendis' initial run on New Avengers, Bendis revamped Brother Voodoo, making him a bigger part of the Marvel supernatural landscape, including eventually making him the new Sorcerer Supreme.

Rick Remender wrote a really cool short-lived ongoing series starring Voodoo in 2009.

Years later, Bendis killed off Voodoo in the start of his New Avengers run (his second volume of New Avengers).

Soon after, Remender was given the chance to debut his OWN Avengers series, the Uncanny Avengers.

Remender had a number of offbeat requests for members of the team, but a few of his picks were not available to him. In a Reddit AMA in 2013, Remender recalled:

We went through a number of different iterations of the team. Initially I was trying to get characters like Fantomex, Psylocke, Storm, Brother Voodoo and a few oddball choices, but it was clear after number of conversations with editorial that Fantomex was a bad idea given his history, Psylocke was an assassin, Dr. Voodoo was dead and that Storm was very busy in too many other titles.

Well, just a couple of months ago, Remender had a chance to remedy Voodoo's death in the pages of his crossover, Axis...

And sure enough, when Uncanny Avengers #1 Volume 2 came out this week, guess who is right there on the team?

If you stick with it long enough, your original plans can eventually bear fruit!

Okay, that's it for this week!

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