Comic Book Legends Revealed #500 (Part 2)

COMIC LEGEND: An issue of Born Again was released without the Comics Code.

STATUS: I'm Going With True

Nothing like a theme week to get me to go into the ol' archives!

Corey M. wrote to me back in 2009 to ask:

So I'm looking through my Daredevil Omnibus containing the Born Again storyline, and I notice something interesting in the cover gallery. There is a picture of Captain America's face on issue #231 where the Comics Code seal should be. I grabbed my personal copies, did a search on ebay to be positive, and sure enough--Cap instead of Code on all newsstand copies (direct editions never had the seal in the corner box to begin with). I then checked some other books published during the same month at Marvel, and I couldn't find any other book with this change. Is it possible that this issue was rejected by the Comics Code Authority?

Here's what Corey's referring to.

Check out Daredevil #230...

and then check out Daredevil #231...

Sure as heck looks like that issue is specifically NOT approved by the Comics Code, right?

And as Corey also noted, the issue WAS pretty violent and bloody...

I asked the ever-helpful Tom Brevoort about it and he confirmed that on rare occasions, Marvel WOULD release comics without Code approval, if the comic was rejected and they still wanted to put it out (or if they figured the comic was bound to be rejected). They would do it without any fanfare, so as to not draw any attention to it, and this would certainly qualify as that, as rarely anyone has noticed it in almost thirty years.

Now Tom specifically noted that this since this was before his time at Marvel he does not have any specific knowledge that this WAS the case here, just that it WAS something that would happen on rare occasions.

I think that the fact that it was a possibility is enough for me to go with a true here. It is just too spot on to think otherwise.

Thanks for the suggestion, Corey, sorry I took so long in answering it!

Okay, that's it for part two!

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