Comic Book Legends Revealed #499

Welcome to the four hundred and ninety-ninth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous four hundred and ninety-eighth. This week, did a letterer on Amazing Spider-Man hide an insult of McFarlane on a page? Was She-Hulk going to be GOLD on TV? And was the classic comic character Mafalda created as part of an ad campaign?

Let's begin!

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COMIC LEGEND: The letterer on Amazing Spider-Man hid an insult of departing artist Todd McFarlane into an issue of Amazing Spider-Man.


Reader James G. sent in one of the more detailed requests for a legend (which is fun for me, as I can just cut and paste James' original request):

I was recently reading the David Michelinie/Todd McFarlane spidey omnibus and I came across an interesting opening page. It's issue #325, part 6 of the AssassinNation Plot. On this page, some government official is denying Spider-Man security clearance and one of the pages in the file folder has the slightly obscured words, "It has -ttention that a McFarlane will no -- be doing Spider-Man after two years on the book. He felt the enormous size of his head combined with an extremely inflated ego could not allow him to see--"

I don't know whether this has been addressed before, but is this a letterer or someone taking a jab at McFarlane's complaints that he didn't want to draw anyone else's stories?

Here's the page...

And here's the detail...

So what's the deal? Was this really an attempt by Rick Parker, the letterer of the issue, to poke a little fun at McFarlane for his desire to write his own stories (which Marvel rewarded by giving him his own Spider-Man series)?

I asked Rick Parker about it, and he gave me a surprising answer. The "insult" was courtesy of McFarlane himself!

Yep, it was just McFarlane poking a little fun at some of the criticisms that he was hearing about himself at the time.

Very funny by McFarlane.

Thanks to James for the question and thanks to Rick Parker for the info!


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