Comic Book Legends Revealed #498

COMIC LEGEND: Adi Granov and Jon Favreau came together to work on the first Iron Man film through MySpace.


Finally, we have Adi Granov.

It seems hard to believe it now, but less than ten years ago, MySpace was THE MOST VISITED SITE IN THE UNITED STATES (it's so nuts that I had to go full caps). It is now a music news site but another part of its now mostly forgotten past was that it helped give us the visual look for the Iron Man movies!

Adi Granov first worked on Iron Man when he did covers for the title in 2004, including what has now become in the last five years one of the most iconic Iron Man covers of all-time...

Cut to 2006, the year that MySpace passed Google.com for being the most visited site in the United States. Director Jon Favreau has been tapped by Marvel to helm their upcoming Iron Man motion picture. Favreau posted frequently on MySpace, creating an Iron Man group on the site for the film. One thing Favreau did on the site was to post various Iron Man covers that he felt best fit what he thought of as the look for "his" Iron Man.

And sure enough, a lot of the artwork was by Granov.

So he decided to message Favreau through the MySpace group.

Favreau told SuperHeroHype about it in 2006:

He said, “Hey, all the artwork you’re putting up on your page is stuff I’ve done.” I knew who he was, and I considered at some point approaching him, but he sort of made the introduction formally over MySpace. We sniffed each other out over a few emails, figured out we were the real people, so I reached out to him and asked Marvel if it was okay that I bring him on, so he’s been doing development work.

And (working with artist Phil Saunders), Granov ended up designing the Iron Man costume that was used in the hit film that launched Marvel's current string of blockbusters.

Isn't it amazing to think if Favreau had not started an Iron Man MySpace Group the Iron Man we know and love from the films might have looked a WHOLE lot different?

Thanks, MySpace! And thanks to Favreau and SuperHeroHype for the info!

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