Comic Book Legends Revealed #489

COMIC LEGEND: Frank Miller taking over Daredevil led to him dropping a potential run as the artist on Doctor Strange.


Last week's discussion about how Frank Miller came to become the artist on Daredevil brought up this tale.

One of the most legendary examples of a comic book series never coming about was Roger Stern and Frank Miller doing a run on Doctor Strange together. This never-to-be-seen run was particularly famous because it actually had a house ad promoting it (a BEAUTIFUL house ad, at that)...

That run, though, was never to be.

An interesting side legend about the project, though, is that Miller didn't do it because of his run on Daredevil. Either that he dropped Doctor Strange when he got the gig drawing Daredevil when Frank Robbins abruptly retired (as noted last week), as suggested by reader Wes W. last week or that he dropped Doctor Strange when he got the gig WRITING Daredevil on top of drawing it (which I've seen suggested a number of places).

However, the gig on Doctor Strange was announced two years after Miller began drawing Daredevil...

and a couple of months after Miller began writing Daredevil, as well...

I asked Roger Stern about it years ago and he explained what the reason was for Miller's departure from the project...

I'm afraid that the story of why Frank never drew Doctor Strange isn't very interesting. As I recall, Frank was under consideration for some sort of James Bond project, so he bowed out of drawing Doc -- temporarily, we thought at the time -- to get ahead on his other deadlines. Luckily, Marshall Rogers came along and delivered six very tasty issues. And after that...well, by that time Frank was really caught up in writing and drawing Daredevil (and later, Ronin), so we never did get to work together on Doctor Strange.

That James Bond project was the adaptation later that year of the then-new James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only. Howard Chaykin ended up getting the gig...

So there you go! It's too bad we missed out on such a cool project.

Thanks to Roger Stern for the information!

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