Comic Book Legends Revealed #482

COMIC LEGEND: War Games featured the revelation that Leslie Thompkins killed Stephanie Brown.


I noticed something interesting when War Games finished #62 on our recent Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told countdown. People seem to have totally forgotten what the story actually entailed. Many commenters were angry at its inclusion on the countdown because of what they felt that it did to Leslie Thompkins' character.

Specifically, they're talking about this sequence, where Leslie Thompkins reveals that she intentionally killed Stephanie Brown (who was injured during the crossover) to prove a point to Batman...

That was seriously messed up (and as I explain in this Abandoned an' Forsaked, something DC quickly retconned).

However, it was NOT during War Games! That took place in Batman #644, in a SEQUEL to War Games called War Crimes.

War Games ended in Batman #633. Here is Stephanie's death sequence...

See? Leslie's involvement ITSELF was a retcon (that was then thankfully retconned). So don't blame War Games, people! You don't have to like War Games, but don't blame it for Leslie Thompkins' character being hurt!

Okay, that's it for this week!

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