Comic Book Legends Revealed #477

COMIC LEGEND: The All-New, All-Different X-Men originally were going to continue to star in Giant-Size X-Men.


X-Men #95 opens with a classic splash page of the X-Men falling to seemingly their doom...

However, amazingly enough, originally that splash page was not part of the issue. That was because X-Men #95 was initially not going to exist! Well, at least not as an original issue of X-Men. You see, initially, the plan with the All-New, All-Different X-Men was that Len Wein and Dave Cockrum would continue the series in the pages of Giant-Size X-Men...

In fact, check out the last page of Giant-Size X-Men #1...

See? The NEXT ISSUE. Not "In X-Men #94."

However, the Giant-Size titles were not doing particularly well so Marvel decided to discontinue the lesser-selling ones (and eventually all of them). Wein had the time to do a quarterly (barely, as he was extremely busy since he was Marvel's Editor-in-Chief at the time) but when they decided to make it a regular bi-monthly title, he had to give it up. So Dave Cockrum drew a few new pages and Chris Claremont, who was scripting the series from Wein's plots and who took over the series entirely with #96, added work as well to make the story make sense as a two-parter instead of a single issue.

It's hard to imagine how well the book would have done had it remained just a quarterly Giant-Size title.

Thanks to Len Wein and Peter Sanderson for the information about this change from The X-Men Companion. Thanks to commenter Cerebro for sharing a quote from an interview between Claremont and the always insightful Tom DeFalco that explained why they dropped the Giant-Size format.

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