Comic Book Legends Revealed #474

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DC Comics was always willing to do a licensed book if they thought that there was a market for the title. They famously published comics featuring Bob Hope and Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis for years.

However, a less famous licensed DC book was the five-issue run from 1959-1960 of a series based on the gentle rocker, Pat Boone.

The comic was an amiable mixture of illustrated stories about Boone's life...

Comics featuring Boone (all the art in the stories were by the amazing Bob Oksner, DC's go-to guy for licensing projects, but also one of DC's go-to guys PERIOD, as he was an incredible artist)...

Spotlights on other young artists of the time...

and then various other stuff, like Mort Drucker cartoons, an advice column, etc.

However, for the first issue, Boone did something that very few licensed "characters" would ever do, he actually CONTRIBUTED a comic to his own comic!

For just the first issue, Boone actually drew a quick gag strip...

I know it's not much, but come on, that's just plain ol' adorable!! I get such a kick out of Boone's willingness to get involved in his comic, even if it were just for that issue (for all I know, Boone was more involved than I think and was actually answering the letters in the issues, but I sincerely doubt it).

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