Comic Book Legends Revealed #471

COMIC LEGEND: Marvel kept using Godzilla after their license to the character ran out.

STATUS: Basically True

Just yesterday I wrote about Marvel's late 1970s Godzilla series.

I have written in an old CBLR about how Marvel used an unpublished issue of Godzilla as another comic book.

However, more amusingly, in 1985, Marvel decided to re-use Godzilla, even though they no longer had the license!

An original villain introduced by Doug Moench and Tom Sutton in Godzilla was Dr. Demonicus, a dude obssessd with monsters (and a major hatred of Godzilla)...

At the end of Godzilla's original series, the monster left to go off by itself in the ocean.

However, amazingly enough, five years later Denny O'Neil brought Godzilla back in Iron Man #193, only mutating him and not REFERRING to him as Godzilla!

See, Dr. Demonicus makes it clear that it IS Godzilla, just without naming him explicitly...

This leads to one of the greatest moments in comic book history - Tigra versus Godzilla!!

In the end, Iron Man saves the day by dumping Godzilla into the ocean and Godzilla just leaves...

At the end of 1985, Mike Carlin and Ron Wilson brought Godzilla back for one last hurrah in The Thing #31, as it attacks a movie being made about Godzilla's old buddy, Devil Dinosaur...

They even CALL HIM GODZILLA in the comic!!! Hilarious!

That was it for Godzilla's post-license stories. Weird stuff.

Reader Adam commented about these stories in the Top Five post. I was already doing this this week, but I figured I should give him a shout out anyways.

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