Comic Book Legends Revealed #468

COMIC LEGEND: There was a pilot made for a Metamorpho cartoon series during the 1960s.

STATUS: I'm Going With True

In 1967, the animated studio Filmation had a popular cartoon series dubbed the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure...

Besides those two heroes, the series also featured cartoons starring a number of other DC characters, like Green Lantern, Flash, Atom, Hawkman and variations of the Justice League and the Teen Titans (with Batman and Robin omitted and Wonder Woman omitted from the Justice League). Its success was enough that originally Filmation planned on expanding the following season with more characters. A number of characters were pitched, including some less famous characters like the Blackhawks and even B'Wana Beast! They were never actually picked up by Filmation.

One character that WAS, though, was Metamorpho!

Now I think Metamorpho, the guy who could change into any element, is an awesome character, but it is still very surprising to see the Bob Haney/Ramona Fradon creation picked up for a nationally televised cartoon series!

However, the Metamorpho cartoon series was never meant to be. Filmation suddenly found themselves with the rights to do Batman cartoons. While the Batman live action TV series was just about finished by this point, a Batman animated show was still like printing money, so Filmation quickly agreed to make the second season the Batman/Superman Hour.

The only problem was that they had such a small lead time (the deal was done in early 1968 for a September 1968 launch) that they had to work double time to get the series out, which meant that any other new series for the show had to be squelched. Thus, production on Metamorpho was halted and it never aired.

That much is agreed on. The debate, though, is whether the series ever got so far as to actually have a finished episode done. If it was, it has not been seen since. That tends to make you think it WASN'T finished. However, a few different things make me think that they did finish the pilot and just have it stowed away in some Warner Brothers vault somewhere.

First off, they completed an AMAZING theme song. I don't know the specifics of how these things go, but I would imagine that a theme song wouldn't be prepared until an actual show was produced. The theme was later released. Here it is (it is AMAZING)...

However, even more convincing is this text page by Bob Haney in a 1970 reprint book of Brave and the Bold stories, including Metamorpho's origin from Brave and the Bold. First off, before you read this, prepare yourself for how Haney describes HIMSELF in the piece and how he also describes Ramona Fradon...

As you can see, Haney specifically says that the pilot adapted the first Metamorpho comic book story. It doesn't seem like something that Haney would be wrong on. It's such a specific and casual reference.

A few years later, Dc's Answer Man (although not Bob Rozakis, who was out that week, I guess) confirmed that a pilot had been made.

I'm willing to believe that the pilot WAS made, it is just lost somewhere, just waiting to be found just like Jon Hamm's appearance on the 1996 game show "The Big Date"...

More recent rumors suggest that perhaps there are MULTIPLE Metamorpho episodes out there. I have no idea about THAT, but I think that the pilot rumor is true.

Thanks a lot to Hero Supreme at Superhero Shows whose research convinced me that this was true.

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