Comic Book Legends Revealed #455


Logan's Run was a modestly successful 1976 sci-fi film based on William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's movel of the same name.

Marvel Comics did an a great adaptation of the movie by Gerry Conway/David Kraft and George Perez...

After they finished adapting the story, though, Marvel kept doing NEW stories by John Warner and Tom Sutton...

The first new story issue is famous for having a rather out-of-place (but awesome) back-up story by Scott Edelman (husband to Irene Vartanoff! What a weird coincidence) and Mike Zeck spotlighting Thanos...

#7 was abruptly the last issue...

And Marvel clearly had material produced for future issues.

The common belief at the time (and since) was just that the sales were bad for the new material and Marvel canceled it for that reason.

That's not the case, though. As It turned out, it was a miscommunication between Marvel and the owners of the license. Marvel thought that they had the license to do new material but they were informed that they did not. So, well, that as they say is that! It's too bad, Warner and Sutton were doing a good job.


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