Comic Book Legends Revealed #455

STATUS: I'm Going With True

Joel Schumacher took over the director's reins from Tim Burton on the third Batman movie, Batman Forever.

The movie was a massive blockbuster, outgrossing the previous film in the Batman series.

So naturally, Schumacher was given a chance to do a second Batman film. This new film was called Batman and Robin and it starred George Clooney as Batman.

A notable difference between Schumacher's Batman films and Burton's was that Schumacher tended to go for a slightly more camp feel than Burton, who wanted to go with a darker Batman.

A particularly infamous "camp" sequence in Batman and Robin is a scene where Batman and Robin (who are both under the control of Poison Ivy) battle for her in a charity auction. Eventually, Batman wins the auction by busting out the Batman credit card...

Here's the scene if you want to see it (with a slight audio edit by the YouTube poster):

Comic book legend Denny O'Neil was famous for his efforts during the early 1970s to make Batman a darker character again in the post-Batman TV series era (along with great artists like Neal Adams and Irv Novick).

And when O'Neil took over the editing duties on Batman in the mid-1980s, Batman was even darker still...

So naturally, you'd imagine that O'Neil would have some issues with Schumacher's vision of Batman.

well, reader Jakob S. asked me about a story about O'Neil at a screening of the film and he wanted to know if it was true.

Here is Peter David's take on the events, in response to a fan talking about the film...

At least YOU didn't see "Batman and Robin" at a special private screening for DC staffers and guest. I'll never forget the moment Batman whipped out the Bat Mastercard, and someone behind me screamed like a lost soul howling its agony from the pit of the damned. It was Denny O'Neil. What a blood-curdling sound THAT was.

While obviously I wasn't there, I figure it is fair enough to trust David at his word here, so I'm willing to go with this as a true.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jakob!


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