Comic Book Legends Revealed #450

COMIC LEGEND: Carl Barks was censored by Disney on his classic Christmas story "The Golden Christmas Tree."


The number twelve story on our Greatest Christmas Comic Book Stories Ever Told countdown was Carl Barks' 1948 classic "The Golden Christmas Tree."

The story is about the nephews wanting a Golden Christmas tree. They get caught by a witch and Donald must save them. The whole thing seems to be a commentary on obsession over material things, but then the ending goes a much sappier direction...

As it turns out, as pointed out to be my commenter Swamp Adder, that ending was actually FORCED on Barks!

Barks recalled:

"I felt sourly about the finished story because the editors had made me do some changes in the fight sequences between Don and the witch that I thought took the guts out of the story. I still gag when I read the last two pages of the story. But the rest of the tale was robust enough."


"About the last two pages of 'The Golden Christmas Tree'... only the last four panels are mine as they were in the original."

It is nuts to think about them messing with such a legend like Barks, but it happened to him a few times over the years, as I've noted in the past here and here.


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